Friday, June 5, 2009

More Oregon 600K-XTR reports and photos

Here are a few links to ride reports and photos from the Oregon 600k-XTR. I'm feeling recovered and even went for a 30 mile ride on Wed. I also ordered my Super Randonneur medal from RUSA. 

For me rando "season" has now come and gone. I noticed the Michael Wolfe is hosting the Barlow Trail 300k brevet in July. I'm hoping that I can make some adjustments to my work schedule and get to ride it. I have a feeling it may take in Lolo Pass which would make for an epic ride.

Here are the XTR links:

Dave's Flickr set from the pre-ride.

Also there are more picture links posted on Krammer's blog. Cecil's report should be posted soon.

--Leaf Slayer

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