Monday, March 30, 2009

NW Pedersen Rd

NW Pedersen
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When I left the house for my ride today I was thinking maybe I'd do Dutch Canyon/Dixie Mountain. But as I was leaving Portland and turning onto Hwy 30 heading West I realized I just didn't want to ride 30 all the way out to Scappoose. I was still feeling pretty fatigued from the 200k and from a short ride yesterday. So at Newbury I headed up to Skyline and then dropped down into Washington County, still not quite sure where I was headed. I rode familiar roads over to NW Mason Hill Rd where I headed back up to Skyline.

At NW Jarrell Rd I hung a right. Jarrell is a dirt road that I've often thought about riding and checked out on Google Maps but never actually ridden. It looked inviting as the pavement gave way to hard-packed dirt with thicker tree cover on the both sides of the road. The road descended for a short while before heading uphill. I came to a fork where I could remain on Jarrell by turning right or continue straight on NW Pedersen Rd. I chose Pedersen as I knew it would spill me out right by NW Beck, a road I've ridden many times as an alternate to Skyline.

As I wound up Pedesen I came across a property that was home to quite a few peacocks. Of course they started making a racket as I rode by. A little further up the road there was a gaggle of geese who began to hiss at me. To tell you the truth, they looked pretty menacing and I expected them to rush me. Fortunately they let me pass with only a warning.

I soon came to the end of the road at a familiar intersection where I stopped briefly for food before taking a Beck and Rock Creek back to Old Cornelius Pass Rd and up again to Skyline. After descending back down Newbury I was riding the shoulder of Hwy 30 heading back into Portland when someone in a car going in the other direction yelled out "Faggot!" I'm not sure why they did that but I think it's safe to assume they have some feelings of aggression towards cyclists. I guess I was supposed to feel insulted but since I'm not homophobic it didn't work and only highlighted their own ignorance.

All in all it was a pretty fun ride.

Here's a link to a photo set documenting the ride and a link to the route.

--Leaf Slayer

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